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Encyclopedia Britannica Online(大英百科全书网络版)
数据库名称: 大英百科全书网络版
英文名称: Encyclopedia Britannica Online
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资源类型: 工具书
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资源文件格式: html
资源文件类型: 全文
学科范围: 综合(覆盖理工和人文社科等广泛领域)
资源语言: 英文
收录时间: 1901-
收录数量: 收录文章超过126000篇,23000多篇传记,3400多张图解,3300多段多媒体数据
使用范围: 仅限校园网及VPN或代理用户
使用方法: 大英百科全书数据库使用指南
详细描述:     大英百科以其强大的内容编辑实力及数据库检索技术,成为全球工具书的领导先驱。收录:超过200,000个词条,超过340,000种词类变化,收录超过超过126,000篇文章,超过23,000篇传记,超过3,400张的图解,地图、统计图、超过3,300段影片、动画、声音文件等多媒体数据,可连结超过700种的电子期刊文章。还包括:韦氏字典&辞典 (Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus),大英精选网站 (The Web's Best Sites),大英知识部落格(Britannica Blog),动物拥护站(Advocacy for Animals) ,影音收藏柜(Video Collection),大事年表(Timelines) ,全球资料分析(World Data Analyst),国家比较(Compare Countries),世界地图(World Atlas),名人格言(Notable Quotation)和经典文献(Gateway to the Classics) 。

Britannica®Academic is unmatched in its coverage and accuracy and has been praised for its accessibility and reader engagement, with a variety of multimedia and research tools that accompany the articles. 
Britannica employs a dedicated staff of in-house professionals – and has an extensive network of Nobel laureates, renowned scholars, advisers, content specialists and writers – who ensure that Britannica Academic is current, accurate, unbiased, relevant, comprehensive, international in scope and engaging to all students, researchers and faculty.
Britannica Academic provides fast, reliable and convenient access to high quality content whether it’s a comprehensive answer or just a quick and clear overview of a topic, event,
fact, place or person.
Britannica Academic is used by more colleges and universities than any other general reference material.


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