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数据库名称: 晚清民国期刊全文数据库
英文名称:  The Late Qing Dynasty Periodical Full-text Database (1833~1911);               Chinese Periodical Full-text Database (1911~1949)
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资源类型: 期刊全文
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资源文件格式: PDF格式
资源文件类型: 全文、索引
学科范围: 哲社,科技
资源语言: 中文
收录时间: 1833-1949
使用范围: 仅限校园网及VPN或代理用户
使用方法:  点击下载 晚清期刊全文数据库介绍民国时期期刊数据库介绍
详细描述: 收录了从1833年至1949年间出版的两万余种期刊,几乎囊括了当时出版的所有期刊,拥有众多的“期刊之最”,是研究晚清民国历史的读者用户必备的数据库检索工具。

It covers over 500,000 pieces of historical documents from 500 periodicals published during 1833~1911. The extensive collection has covered almost all the periodicals published during such critical periods later known as the Opium Wars, Westernization Movement, Reform Movement of 1898 and Revolution of 1911. It contains the Women's Periodicals that advocated women's liberation and mental enlightenment, the Four Major Late Qing Dynasty Novel Journals as emerged during the great flourishing period of novels of the late Qing Dynasty, the Vernacular Chinese Periodicals founded to explore the people's mind and spread new knowledge, and the Science and Technology Periodicals which introduced new technologies and spread scientific knowledge.
t covers around 10,000,000 pieces of literature in about 20,000 different kinds of periodicals published between 1911 and 1949. As an important part of the historical archive, this database has significant academic and historical values. It not only helps reproduce the unique historical features of the period from 1911 to 1949 and restore the historical memory, but also enriches the digital resources of periodicals so as to facilitate users to conduct academic research on the history of this period.


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