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Databases list

Databases Resource type Brief introduction
Al Manhal E-journals/Dissertation The database has more than 300 Arabic-language electronic journals.
Bloomsbury E-books Bloomsbury Collections delivers instant access to quality research and provides libraries with a flexible way to build eBook collections across the humanities and social sciences. It contains over 5,400 titles, featuring content from Bloomsbury’s latest research publications as well as a 100+ year legacy including Continuum, T&T Clark, Bristol Classical Press, Berg, The Arden Shakespeare and Hart Publishing.
Cairn E-journals Founded in 2005 by four Belgian and French academic publishers, Cairn.info offers the most comprehensive online collection of francophone publications in social sciences and humanities. In 2017, more than 450 journals and 8 000 eBooks from major French, Belgian and Swiss publishers can be accessed by students, scholars and librarians worldwide on www.cairn.info. To make this invaluable content accessible to a non–francophone readership, Cairn.info launched Cairn International Edition, an English-language platform where abstracts and selected articles from key journals on Cairn.info are translated from French into English, enabling users to search, browse and read this content without speaking a word of French.
Cambridge Journals Digital Archive(CJDA) E-journals Cambridge University Press collected all available digital journals and trace them back to the earliest volumes with high quality and convenience, after which Cambridge Journal Digital Archive(CJDA) is created.
Traced from the year between 1770 to 1996, CJDA(2011) includes 207 high quality journals, which are mostly indexed by SCI/SSCI/AHCI(JCR 2010) and the rate is up to 76.3%. The contents of HSS and STM 56.5% and 43.5, the number of pages for each are 2,331,003 and 1,796,932.
Central and Eastern European Online Library E-journals CEEOL is a leading provider of academic e-journals and e-books in the Humanities and Social Sciences from and about Central and Eastern Europe. In the rapidly changing digital sphere CEEOL is a reliable source of adjusting expertise trusted by scholars, publishers and librarians. Currently, over 1000 publishers entrust CEEOL with their high-quality journals and e-books. CEEOL provides scholars, researchers and students with access to a wide range of academic content in a constantly growing, dynamic repository. Currently, CEEOL covers more than 2000 journals and 480.000 articles, over 2200 ebooks and 2500 grey literature document. CEEOL offers various services to subscribing institutions and their patrons to make access to its content as easy as possible.
CiNii E-journals/E-books... CiNii(Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator, pronounced like "sigh-knee") is a database service which can be searched with academic information of articles, Books, Journals & Dissertations. It is available free of charge for anyone.
De Gruyter e-books E-books The database has more than 80 German e-books.
De Gruyter e-Journal Package for Linguistics
De Gruyter e-Journal Package forLiterature
E-journals De Gruyter is a famous academic publisher in Germany and has a long history. De Gruyter e-Journal Package for Linguistics & Literature cover more than 80 e-journals in linguistics & literaturefields—— all peer-review —— which from a number of well-known academic publishers, is very academic reference value.
De Gruyter e-journals E-journals The database has more than 50 German e-journals.
East View Universal Database E-journals The database includes the data, accompanying search and retrieval functionality, and online user documentation.
EBSCO explora Tools English reading materials.
EBSCOhost E-journals EBSCOhost is a powerful online reference system accessible via the Internet. It offers a variety of proprietary full text databases and popular databases from leading information providers. The comprehensive databases range from general reference collections to specially designed, subject-specific databases for public, academic, medical, corporate and school libraries.
Emerald E-journals The 2018 eJournal collections feature 170,000 articles from more than 300 journals, providing comprehensive coverage of management and complementary specialist subjects.
Encyclopedia Britannica Online Encyclopedia The database provides timely, relevant, and trustworthy information and instructional products for homes, schools, universities, libraries, and workplaces around the world.
Euromonitor International Travel and Tourism Statistics/Reports Euromonitor has migrated its historic inbound and outbound flows data to the primary source of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Euromonitor considers that arrivals of non-resident tourist by country of residence are the best representation of international tourism demand. However, if this dataset was missing from the original source, as a proxy, another dataset was selected, based on preference and its availability.
Gale Associations Unlimited Tools Forming the foundation of Associations Unlimited, the Encyclopedia of Associations (EA) series has, for over 50 years, been the premier source for information on associations and professional societies. Unsurpassed as the authority on nonprofit membership organization information, the EA series now contains 152,000 detailed listings for organizations all over the world, with a scope that covers everything from a local Chamber of Commerce to the American Medical Association, and beyond. In addition, IRS information on more than 300,000 nonprofit organizations has been added to Associations Unlimited, making it the world's largest, most detailed and searchable database available on nonprofit information.
Gale - Literature Resource Center E-journals It offers the broadest and most representative range of authors and their works, including a large collection of full-text critical and literary analysis. The database provides researchers with unbounding evidence to support their literary responses and thesis statements through a diversity of scholars and critics that ensure all views and perspectives are represented.
Gale - Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center E-journals Opposing Viewpoints in Context supports virtually any curricular need, forming the premier online resource covering today's social issues. This cross-curricular research database supports science, social studies, current events, and language arts classes. Informed, differing views help learners develop critical-thinking skills and draw their own conclusions.
Gale - The Times Digital Archive E-newspaper As an online archive of every headline, article, editorial, announcement, image and advertisement published in The Times (London), The Times Digital Archive is an essential resource for teachers, students and researchers interested in history, politics, social and cultural history, law, genealogy and criminology.
HeinOnline E-journals/E-books... Contains more than 2,300 law and law-related periodicals. Subjects covered include criminal justice, political science, technology, human rights, and more. Coverage for all journals is from inception and goes through the most currently published issues allowed based on contracts with publishers. About 90% of journals are available through the current issue or volume. Search by article title, author, subject, state or country published, full text, and narrow by date. Includes thousands of works from some of the greatest legal minds in history.
Historical Statistics of the United States E-books You can access data on social, behavioral, humanistic, and natural sciences including history, economics, government, finance, sociology, demography, education, law, natural resources, climate, religion, international migration, and trade - quantitative facts of American History.
Jstor E-journals JSTOR provides access to more than 12 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines.
Myilibrary E-books Including: Anthropology、Language and Literature、Recreation、Law、Philosophy、Religion、Psychology、Political Science、Social Sciences、Education
Project MUSE E-journals Project MUSE has over 674 journals from 125 publishers and offers over 50,000 books from more than 100 presses. All books are fully integrated with Project MUSE's scholarly journal content, with collection and single title purchasing, subscription, OA books/MUSE Open and evidence-based acquisition models available.
ProQuest Dissertations & Thesis(PQDT) Dissertations & Thesis PQDT is the only full-text database in China providing high quality dissertations and theses, which mostly come from over 2000 American and European universities. The scope covers extensive aspects.It is the vital source of information for nowaday.
SAGE E-journals SAGE publishes more than 1,000 journals, including those of more than 400 learned societies and institutions.
ScienceDirect E-journals Including: Business、Management and Accounting、Economics、Econometrics and Finance、Social Sciences
Springer Link E-journals/E-books Providing researchers with access to millions of scientific documents from journals, books, series, protocols and reference works.
Taylor & Francis E-journals The database has 21 E - journals.
Taylor & Francis eBooks E-books Over 90,000 eBooks in specialist subjects led by a global network of editors and authors.
UNWTO Elibrary E-journals/E-books... The UNWTO Elibrary is an online service from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with a broad coverage of tourism and related subject areas. The UNWTO Elibrary is an information source offering an unparalleled coverage of research and information in the area of tourism and available to our Member States, Affiliate Members and Subscribers. The subject areas reflect all important themes moving the tourism sector and include, among other, ecotourism, sustainable development, finance and investment, risk and crisis management, market research, tourism statistics and poverty alleviation. The UNWTO Elibrary contains books, journals and statistical reports by country and by indicator.